Ballistic conformal battery

Ballistic Conformal Battery

The ballistic conformal battery (BCB) is a ballistic-safe, centralized, wearable power source capable of seamlessly integrating into an operator body armor vest. It supports a wide array of power needs such as new radio systems, end user mobile devices, visual augmentation systems, sensors and communications equipment. An integrated systems approach to soldier worn body armor, these batteries reduce size and weight while improving safety. Multiple variations of the BCB have been demonstrated with a range of threat protection levels, and available power ranges from 100-300 Wh. Contact us today to discuss your application needs.

Squad Power Converter

Squad power converter

The squad power converter (SPC) is a man-portable microgrid that supports expeditionary equipment with electrical power. It accepts multiple DC input power sources such as car batteries, alternators, 2590-style military batteries, solar panels, and fuel cells, and AC inputs from wall or clean generator power, then combines them into one high-power output to support operational system needs. The system can provide up to 2500 W output, and a smaller compact version providing up to 500 W output is in development for CY23 release. Contact us today to discuss your application needs.